Making Marmalade


There is something very therapeutic about making marmalade .
The fresh smell of citrus fruits creates such a positive energy, it fills the kitchen, and the benefits don’t end there.
I have just spent a few very pleasant hours slicing citrus peel, ready for a batch of ruby grapefruit, orange and lemon, and I had to let you know how lovely it was, almost meditative!
I do like my marmalade to have long, very thin shreds of peel, suspended in as clear a jelly as possible. This necessitates slow, careful peeling and slicing.
I scrubbed the fruits, and then set to work with the veggie peeler. I set myself the goal of no white pith on the shreds.
Then, it was time to shred.
I tried out a couple of knives, before settling on a small paring knife, I’ve had it for years, it’s familiar and feels good in my hand.
I did start off stacking some peels and then slicing, but they slip about too much for my liking. Two strips of peel together is the absolute maximum for me.
After the peels were all done, it was time for another wonderfully meditative precision task.
It was time to get all the juicy flesh, leaving behind the white pith, seeds and membranes.
All of the peel, juice and flesh has gone into a bowl, to soak in water overnight.
This helps soften the peel, ready for the initial cooking process.
I love marmalade! So delicious on toast and crumpets, and a wonderful addition to a rich fruit cake, or citrus syrup cake.
’till next time
sweetrosie x


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