Smoothies as Meal Replacements

Daylight saving started today.
I’ve, of course, woken at my usual time, despite the opportunity for a longer sleep in…
Daylight saving, this year, is coinciding with a burst of unseasonal hot weather for Adelaide. Temperatures in the 30’sC, far too much, far too soon for me.
Hot weather calls for a personal review of eating. I don’t mind a seasonal review like this : It’s an opportunity to think about the abundance available to work with and the pleasure there is to be had in discretionary eating.
I am going on the record here and will categorically state that I credit discretionary eating with my (significant) weight loss over the past 12 months.
To date, I guess I’ve lost around 27kg. It’s a lot and the journey has been exciting as I rediscover my joy in good food and the absolute pleasure there is in crafting one’s own completely tailored eating program.
I hate labels for the most part, so I dabbled and borrowed from all the programs out there : paleo, Atkins, vegan, clean, high protein high fat, until I fashioned a style of eating and thinking about food that is just perfect for me. No labels, I’m just me, eating for me.
I had a smoothie epiphany yesterday! Yes I did!
One of my “things” has been the smoothie. Love ’em.
Green smoothies, fruity smoothies, smoothies with added extras like coconut oil and flaxseed. I just love the potential and versatility they offer.
I am going to craft my smoothies so that they become hot weather, “can’t be bothered” meal replacements.
For me, this means adding more specific components, namely protein, calcium, fat and fibre.
Other folk would craft their bespoke smoothie with maybe a different focus. I’ll just chat to you about my thoughts on protein today.
If I use the smoothie as a meal replacement, then these 3 nutritional factors will be the most important for me. Why?
Protein : I train. Yes! Really, I do! My combination of cardio and strength training demands an adequate amount of quality protein for muscle development. Of course, whether you train, or not, protein is vital and replacing quality protein for empty carbs and processed foods, goes a long way in improving health and stamina AND facilitates weight loss, if that’s your aim.
I enjoy a combination of animal and plant protein, with my main sources being :
Home laid eggs
Organic meat and chicken
Occasional fish, mainly sardines
I am going to introduce homemade yoghurt too.
I went off dairy for a while. Cheese doesn’t really turn me on, and milk often upsets my tummy…
However, I do tolerate yoghurt and add probiotics to the Greek style version I make.


This is yesterday’s smoothie and here’s what went in it.
Approx 1/2 cup tofu
1tbsp flaxseed
Around 8 almonds
2 cups of spinach
1 cup of mixed blueberries and strawberries
1 tbsp raw honey
1 tbsp coconut oil
Cold green tea
Very creamy, very delicious and very, very filling.
Huge bonus in the fact that unlike a lot of my other smoothies, the protein rich tofu added a satiety factor that kept me full and satisfied for hours.
Now, I don’t count calories, it doesn’t work for me, never has been a sustainable way to go (for me) However, if you do, I estimate that this one comes in at around the 350, maybe 400 calorie mark.
Happy eating, happy living.
I hope that your Sunday is filled with love, happiness and health.
’till next time
sweetrosie x


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