Backyard Chickens

I know not everyone can keep chickens, and that’s a shame, especially if you are passionate about sustainable living and the food you eat.
Fresh eggs, from ethically raised hens are so much tastier than any you can buy from the shops.


I can’t remember a time when I haven’t kept hens. Don’t get me wrong, they take some looking after, and I have to admit, chasing them around and around the garden, when they escape their coop, isn’t much fun…
They’ve been doing that a bit lately. Hopping the fence and loitering around the back door, gurgling and staring at me.
You see, hens, like ladies with pms, are always, always up for a tasty snack.
They love variety in their diet :kitchen scraps, handfuls of edible weeds, and this very special treat, that sometimes I make them when the weather is cold and I want to let them know how much I appreciate their beautiful eggs.


It’s simple really, just cheap supermarket oats, greens and anything from the pantry that needs to be used up /discarded. Out of date seeds, nuts, grains and the like. I add in some antioxidant rich greens, soak the lot in boiling water and serve it up when it reaches room temperature.
Truly, they chuckle and coo, and just gobble it up. I swear a happy hen lays more eggs too. Just like us, a bland, monotonous diet saps ones spirit and energy.
Look at this beautiful gift: yes, I am blessed.


Wishing you a blessed weekend, filled with everything that is happy and good.
’till next time
sweetrosie x


4 thoughts on “Backyard Chickens

  1. I’m with you Rose – I love my chooks and their eggs. Husband reckons it’s cheaper to buy the eggs from the supermarket but I know he loves the chooks and the eggs as much as I do!!

  2. Ah, such cherished memories! Going three rounds with a broody hen first thing in the morning, or playing hunt the egg around the hedgerows! I think the world is divided into chicken persons and duck persons. I’m unashamed to declare myself a duck person: they always seem so much more grateful, somehow.

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