Eat Your Broccoli Stalks


With the same nutritional profile as the tasty top florets, why is it that so often broccoli stalks are relegated to the compost bin?
I know why, because for many years, I chopped off the tops and threw away the stalks too.
Number #1 reason is unfamiliarity.
We tend to cook what we know, and my childhood meals did not include the stalks of broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage.
The “choicest”, most delicate and refined part of the vegetable was selected and prepared, with the rest of the plant considered an preparation offcut.
Fair enough. But then things changed…
A different focus on my own eating meant a different approach to what was available.
And suddenly, I’d discovered a “new”  vegetable!
Let me share with you.
As mentioned, the stalk contains all the nutrients of the top, plus extra fibre.
I loved the idea of including even more of this massively nutritious vegetable in my meals.
I also love the bulk and substance the stalks offer.
Eating low carb, it’s great to have that extra substance. The cellulose fibre that makes stalks more robust, is the same fibre that will fill your tummy and promote digestive health.
Stalks makes the meal more filling and as importantly, more interesting to eat.
The stalks roast particularly well too.
This is a huge bonus : roasted vegetables, cooked in coconut oil, are a delicious offering, that most people enjoy.


Love your stalks. They want to love you.
Eat them, feel the love.
Remember, you’ve already paid for them.
Have a wonderful weekend.
’till next time
sweetrosie x


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