Chia Pudding Smoothie

A lot of you are probably familiar with chia pudding. These tiny seeds of goodness are soaked until they take on a somewhat-like -tapioca bowl of nourishment.
I love chia pudding : it’s versatile, easy to make and extraordinary in its nutritional profile.
I also love smoothies.


Today’s Sunday brunch smoothie combined the best of both worlds.
The luxury of a portable, fruit filled smoothie, along with all the goodness of a chia pudding.
It wasn’t just the benefits of chia: protein, good fats, micro nutrients and satiety factor, that tempted me into this new way of looking at my smoothie.
It occurred to me that chia, once soaked, became much more palatable, and more nutritionally beneficial.

Chia seeds soften and swell in the liquid they’re soaked in,  and this had to have its advantages.
It does. I am sure soaking chia, much as some people soak nuts, and when we sprout grains and seeds, well, that soaking has to enhance the possibility of increased nutrient uptake.
What do you think dear reader? Makes sense to me. I am going on the presumption we make it easier for our digestive system to access nutrients when we assist by compromising the hard, fibrous shell of certain foods.
This smoothie was made with a bowl of chia seeds, soaked overnight in coconut milk. I guess I used around a tablespoon of chia to around 200ml of milk.
It was covered and went in the fridge overnight.
I am fairly predictable when it comes to my smoothie mix, so, same as usual there.
Raw honey
Coconut oil
All whizzed together. All happy to meet each other.
It’s great. I can carry it around the house, doing this and that.
Just perfect for a Sunday.
Enjoy your Sunday, and have a wonderful week.
’till next time
sweetrosie x


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