Mother of Vinegar

Such a beautiful term, isn’t it? Mother of vinegar, that strange mat you find in raw vinegar.
Heat processing prevents formation of a vinegar mother, so be pleased if you find one in yours.
The presence of the Mother confirms that your vinegar is active and alive with beneficial properties.
Mother of vinegar is created by the conversion of alcohol to acetic acid.
It is basically a mat of cellulose, composed primarily of (friendly, beneficial) bacteria.
I was prompted to show you my (teeny, tiny) mother out of pride!
This is my first time making apple cider vinegar, and I am so very happy it’s working.
My mother is small, but I am sure she’ll keep going.
I stir my vinegar every few days, the process benefits from the addition of oxygen, but I am gentle, and do try not to break up the mother too much.
Technically, it doesn’t matter, it will reform.
I think I just like looking at it…
’till next time
sweetrosie x



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