Hot Lemon and Honey Drink


Not really a recipe, just an opportunity to say “hi!”, I hope you’re all well and happy.
My daughter came over today. She needed her mummy… Yes, she’s caught a cold, and was after food, cable TV, and TLC – in that order 🙂
Mama fed her :chicken salad and kimchi, and “medicated” her :hot lemon and honey.
She helped herself to my bed, and the television.
As long back as I can remember, hot lemon has been a family standard for anyone with a cold.
I will share that my own mother has an aversion to overly sweet things, so I guess her personal preference dictated that, growing up, our lemon drink was lip puckeringly tart.
Mummy also had an unwavering belief in the magical powers of Milk of Magnesia. A tbsp of that chalky concoction was supposed to cure you of anything amiss in your tummy and downstairs cupboards…
Well, according to Mum, anyway. She dolloped it out, left, right, and centre, and each of her bewildered children soon learned to think long and hard before squeaking, “I’ve got a tummy ache.”
I’ve digressed dear reader. My point is, It says something doesn’t it, when a home remedy stands the test of time?
Hopefully, Milk of Magnesia has been banned, but long may hot lemon and honey live on!
Here are my takes on why this tried and trusted go to remains a firm favourite for many.
It’s soothing. For starters, someone making you something special when you’re ill, is good for the spirit. The warmness calms and soothes too.
Tart, refreshing lemon cuts through the fug of the ill mouth, when sometimes nothing is tempting.
Lemons deliver vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals.
The water itself rehydrates the frail body, gently but thoroughly.
Honey is soothing and can calm a sore throat.
The sweet taste tempts and satisfies a jaded palate.
Raw honey also offers nutrition and sugars for energy.
It felt so good to be able to offer my child love and care while she was feeling unwell.
Bless her for giving me that opportunity.
’till next time
sweetrosie x

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