Lowering Blood Pressure through Diet

The oddest thing, totally unexpected…

I think I had better start this story at the beginning.

My once moderately high blood pressure is now “normal.” It was never worryingly high, but it was higher than what doctors like to see in a reading.

This was consistent – every doctors visit. It got to the stage, and I am not proud of this, where I refused to allow my (very lovely) GP to do my blood pressure. I just felt hopeless, and stressed when that above average reading came in.

I attributed the high readings to depression, carrying excess weight, and insulin resistance, and I did make efforts to address diet and lifestyle factors.

As you know, dear reader, my diet has changed over the years, and I blogged about it because I have felt so much better, both emotionally, and physically, after incorporating some changes.

I lost weight, my moods are more stable, my skin is looking great, and my energy levels have increased.

The most significant changes to my diet have been:

consistent use of fish oil, magnesium, calcium, and Q10

I have increased my water intake to 3 litres a day, and start every morning with a 300ml glass of room temperature water, with 1/2 a lemon squeezed into it. The lemon half goes into the glass with more water, which I continually top up for lemon infused water throughout the day.

I swapped liquid vegetables oil, including all cooking oils, butter spreads, and foods containing these products for coconut oil, organic butter, lard, and duck fat. I consume around 1-2tbsp of coconut oil, per day, usually in a smoothie.

I tripled my fruit consumption. This is a strange one, as I initially started my new regime by adopting the Atkins diet. Now, Atkins considers fruit too high in sugar and carbs for regular use, but I missed fruit so much, and I knew that they abounded in valuable macro and micro nutrients. So, I added them back into my daily diet. In fact, I added them and then I added some more!


As I mentioned, I have at least one smoothie each day, and that smoothie always contains a banana, and at least 2-3 serves of other fruits. The research has confirmed that foods rich in potassium, and bananas are up the top of  that list, can actively help manage high blood pressure.


I stopped eating refined carbohydrates; white bread, biscuits, and the like, and sharply decreased my consumption of white potato and rice. Ideally, most meals now consist of lots of green salad, usually spinach based, and protein, meat or chicken.

I reduced my consumption of dairy milk, and swapped over to nut milks, for my smoothies at least. I, like a lot of people, found too much dairy milk caused very bad tummy bloat, and sometimes an upset tum.

Anyway, back to my blood pressure story.

This past weekend I had the misfortune to come down with a virulent stomach bug, most unpleasant for everyone concerned…

It escalated to the point where there was no choice but to call in the locum.

I sat there, with my bucket between my knees, all stinky, and droopy, and miserable, while this guy checked my temperature and (without permission hahaha), took my blood pressure.

Truth be told, I felt so wretched, he might have said anything, and possibly did, couldn’t care. BUT, my ears perked up, and I had a moment’s jubilation through the fog, when he said, “yep, blood pressure normal.” 

Gotta wonder! Really, you do! I haven’t heard those words in years! Could it be the changes I made? Well, something has changed everything, and combining that piece of news with all the other positives that I am certain about, the weight loss, my skin, my energy levels, all that mean those changes I made are here to stay.

I wish you good health and happiness.

’till next time,



2 thoughts on “Lowering Blood Pressure through Diet

  1. Wow! Stoicism on so many levels! I have been a fruit-free zone for years, but I can see some of these changes are doable, and result. result, result! So, where do I start? Let’s look at the smoothies…

    1. Stoicism? Maybe. Absolute determination to find my own, my very own, eating plan, definitely! Frederick, I was so pleased you took the time to comment, and interested to learn that you avoid fruits. I am now a determined advocate for personal choice, determined by individual benefit, and I thank you for sharing your choices. BTW, smoothies, give them a go, you never know… ##big smile##

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