Dear readers…


This is a post that nearly never was. I always meant to just start blogging again, thinking, hoping that maybe you would just ignore my long absence from sweetrosie.

I can’t do it. You see, I realised that honesty and sharing is exactly what blogging is about. Well, it is for me anyway.

It’s been months since I posted, and still you wrote to me. The comments and kind words just kept coming. You sustained me and gave me hope during what has been a tumultuous, challenging time.

I was diagnosed with depression. It’s a stealthy, thieving illness that creeps around your life, robbing you of all that good and positive. Depression feeds on positive energy and like an emotional vampire it sucks you dry, all the while growing stronger.

I looked at other people in wonder. How did they manage to have such happy, complete lives? Actually, I didn’t just wonder, I envied and succumbed to self-pity and self-loathing.  

It was only by reaching out and talking did I come to realise that what I projected onto others was an illusion of my own making. Most of us struggle, many people face unimaginable sorrow and distress every day.

Our lives are complex, with many facets hidden deep inside of ourselves. Depression, in its wily, seditious way, latches on to everything we struggle with, and uses it to grow stronger. Where once a struggle or challenge seemed just that, an opportunity to think, cope and grow, now, for me, became an overwhelming complication, and a mind-numbing obstacle to living.

I am moving forward now. When I broke my self-imposed silence, I found the help I needed to shrink this demon. If I can say just one thing to anyone suffering depression right now, it would be this, it’s not forever. Trust me, it isn’t. Please reach out.



9 thoughts on “Dear readers…

  1. Many of my family members have suffered from depression and I understand as best I can from a caregiver’s point of view. You’re such a beautiful, talented person and I wish you only the best in dealing with this problem. You were the first blogger to comment when I started blogging and you continued to keep in touch and keep me going – an old woman in a new world. Thank you.

    1. Well Lillian, you had me with your first blog post. Your beautifully written accounts of your life continue to charm and resonate.
      I appreciate your sharing response to my post, thank you for taking the time to offer such thoughtful, loving words, it meant a lot to me. You are one incredible lady, my world is richer, thanks to your willingness to share your life with all of us. xxx

  2. dearest sweetrosie, you are back i have had months of sickness with my husband’s illness and i too went through a time wen i thought i could not go on alone having no family around me or friends, and my husband saying he did not want to live if he looses his leg to an amputation, i feel your emotions also sweetrosie you will carry on your wonderful career, and so good to hear you are back.. much love to you and yours joan e charles xx

    1. Dear Joan, thank you for your kind words, they mean so much. You are facing your own troubles and sadness, and still you took time out to offer your loving and encouraging sentiments to me. Amazing xxx

  3. I have just come back to your blog after looking for your vanilla extract recipe and saw this blog – I hope you are getting better – just a co-incidence that I have signed up for the HBF Run on May 25 and preferred charity is Lifeline WA and then I have read your blog. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughtfulness. I am getting better! Every day I try to live a healthy physical, spiritual, and emotional life, and I have sensed change 🙂 Good luck with the vanilla extract. I have just turned my extracted beans into wonderful vanilla paste, very gratifying. Lots of good luck wishes for your upcoming run, I’m sure you’ll smash it! Kindest regards, Angela

      1. Glad to hear you are climbing the high mountain and are succeeding. When will you be posting your recipe for the vanilla paste? Sorry – don’t mean to pressure you. May you have a wonderful Easter. By the way got the day wrong its the 24 May!!

      2. Thank you so much Valery. It’s been good for me to be open about my journey, so many people struggle in silence, and that makes me want to change that.
        Vanilla paste? Your wish is my command!

      3. Thank you so much I have seen your vanilla paste recipe, will have to wait for my vanilla essence to mature, but now I have the recipe, once they have matured I will be definitely making it!! I hope you are having a wonderful Easter. God Bless and take care of yourself.

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