Juicing for Health and Vitality

Guess who got a juicer for Christmas?
Yes, we did!
I’ve been intrigued by juicing for a while.
The ability to make our own healthy, fresh juice appealed to me. Sure, it would be ideal if we ate all our fruits and vegetables, but, sometimes that’s hard, and that’s where juicing comes into its own.
So far we’ve discovered the following juicy facts:
* Bananas shouldn’t be juiced. They just turn to pulp. Make your juice and then blend your juice and banana into a delicious, dairy free smoothie.
* If you’re not used to vegetable juice, gently introduce them into your juice regime by adding carrot, baby spinach, cucumber, and parsley to your fruit base juice. They are all mild and very palatable. 
* Green juices: kale, spinach, dandelion, beet leaves, etc, deliver a powerful health boost but can be assertive for the juicy newbie. I’ve found that tomato, celery, cucumber and parsley make an excellent base juice for adding those most wonderfully healthy deep green leafy vegetables.
*Juices are best enjoyed cold. Keep your Ice trays filled.
* Don’t let your freshly made juice hang around for too long, for maximum benefit, consume within 15 minutes.

Juicing produces fruit pulp. We have been feeding ours to the chickens, they love it!
You can use the pulp in soups and stews, if it’s savoury, or, add fruit pulps to cakes, muffins, smoothies and fruit salads.

Here’s a photo of this weeks juicing bounty.
I’ve tried to keep it seasonal, but I did buy green apples, pears, and local oranges, along with the melons, stone fruit, carrots, tomatoes and pineapples.
In the fridge, there’s kale, cucumbers, baby spinach, beetroot, parsley, celery, and broccoli.


Are you wondering about all those bananas? As we’ll you might…
Mr Monty decided that if 2kg of bananas cost $6.00 at the supermarket, then 20kg, ( yes, that’s right, 20kg) for $10.00 at the market, must be an excellent bargain.
Needless to say, all visitors this week are leaving with bananas  🙂

·till next time,
sweetrosie x


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