Japanese Taco Rice

Here’s a fast, tasty option for relaxed, post-Christmas meals.
Japanese Taco Rice was introduced to us by Junichi, our Japanese houseguest.
Junichi tells us that taco rice is a speciality of Okinawa, where it came about when inventive Japanese chefs took advantage of post war US surplus food rations, and combined them with Japan’s new-found love of American food culture.
They created a brand new dish, which combined all the elements of American tacos, whilst retaining Japanese character and influence.
An authentic gastronomic hybrid!

Taco rice consists of “regular” taco seasoned minced beef and beans, served on top of steamed rice.
It’s finished with shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, and salsa, corn chips, and sour cream, if you fancy.
Kewpie mayonnaise makes this undeniably Japanese and extra delicious.

When you feel like having rice, and you also feel like having tacos, or when you feel like tacos but haven’t got the shells, OR, when you just can’t be bothered with all that messy, shattering taco eating, give Japanese Taco Rice a try.

Love, love, love!

’till next time,
sweetrosie x


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