Happy Frosty the Snowman Cupcakes


I love to accommodate a last minute cupcake order.
I had free reign and just had to make sure the cakes were full of Christmas fun.

Red velvet cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting made Frosty very happy!

Don’t you just love Christmas?

Till next time,
sweetrosie x

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About sweetrosie

Hi! Glad you could stop by. I'm Angela, the face behind sweetrosie. I look forward to sharing my varied and often eclectric gastronomic experiences with you through my blog, here at Wordpress, and on Facebook and Twitter.
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4 Responses to Happy Frosty the Snowman Cupcakes

  1. Yes, I love Christmas. And I love those darling cupcakes. What a treat that is going to be for somebody.

  2. Wow, these are great! I’m secretly wondering how you made those intricate neck scarves for the snowmen!

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