Hot Weather Food Shortcuts

Goodness me! Friends, it was 44C here in Adelaide yesterday, but, you still have to eat!
The kitchen is hot, I am hot, so shortcuts are a necessity.


I made the salad on the flexible chopping mat.
Made, dressed, and tipped into the bowl.
Lovely crunchy lettuce, cucumber, cute n tasty “choc cherry” tomatoes, red onion and marinated feta cheese.
Drizzled with oil, splashed with balsamic and into the bowl it went.


Sourdough garlic loaf.
A very excellent use for end of the day loaves going out on special.
To save a breadboard, I sliced it on the bag it came in and popped it straight onto foil.
No energy left after slicing to mix a garlic butter…


Butter went into a pan, scissors chopped some parsley into it, and the Microplane did a superb job of reducing 5 garlic cloves to finely chopped. Too easy.
I used a spoon to drizzle and smother each slice of bread with my lovely mix.
That went into the oven with a store bought lasagna.
Yes, oven was on, but my time in the kitchen was minimum and the tasty meal was much appreciated.
I love reducing time and effort and still putting out an excellent meal!

till next time,
sweetrosie x


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