Product Review: Marions Kitchen, Thai Red Curry

This is a very random review, it’s not paid, or sponsored, it’s just tonights dinner!
I admit, I usually only buy from Marions range when they’re on special.
Knowing I can do it myself, the regular $6.99 price tag means I stock up when they’re on special, and save them for a lazy day.

I’ve tried the Thai Green Curry, very nice, as is the Basil and Chilli Stir Fry. Tonight I tried the Thai Red Curry.


All varieties in Marions range use the same concept and method system.
The colour coded box tells you on the front what you’ll need to add to make your meal complete: 500g fish/chicken, 1 cup of vegetables, ( I used around 3 cups of assorted vegetables) etc.


Everything else you require is in numbered sachets inside the box.

It’s all very fast and very easy.
Here’s what I had to do to make the red curry.


Heat some oil in a pan and gently fry the contents of sachet 1, a red curry paste.
Add the coconut cream in sachet 2, along with a cup of water.
Sachet 3 is a little package of herbs, whole keffir lime leaves and whole dried red chillies.
The package advises you to break up the chillies if you want a spicier curry.
This mix goes in, along with a little pack of fish sauce.

The fish sauce package is a devil to open. All the other packs open with ease, not this one. I advise scissors, unless you want to be squirting fish sauce everywhere from the random little hole you’ve managed to make.

In goes the meat and veggies: cabbage, carrot and grape tomatoes for me tonight, along with chicken.

The last sachet contains bamboo shreds, nice touch, although they don’t add much flavour wise.

I simmered my curry for 30 minutes, steamed some jasmine rice and served up a very tasty curry.

For a Saturday night, it was just the ticket. Fast, minimum mess and tastier than a takeaway.


Flavour was great, this would be especially delicious made with duck, and maybe some eggplant.
I do recommend adding more than the stated 1 cup of vegetables.
1 cup of veggies, once they’re cooked, is  not going to be much of a serve for 4 people.

Marions Kitchen is, in my mind, a great addition to the range of ready to make, options for cooks.
It’s a good concept  nicely branded and user friendly.

If products like this give people the confidence or impetus to cook at home and maybe explore new flavours and cultures through food, then I’m a fan.

’till next time,
sweetrosie x

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