Delectable Toasted Muesli

Loved sharing my little sample packs of sweetrosie Delectable Muesli with my work buddies today.


No ulterior motive, just wanted to share. I think I’ve developed a fabulous, delicious muesli, but it always pays to be humble and invite people to give you their feedback.


The recipe is in the archives if you’d like to make it yourself, OR, let me make it for you.


Delectable muesli contains no added cane sugar and no vegetable oils. It does contains low GI, sustainable coconut sugar, super healthy coconut oil, premium nuts, fruits, seeds and LSA.

Depending on your “Delectable health prescription “, your personalised  blend can include any of the following:
Your choice of nuts
Oat or wheat bran
Goji berries
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Organic coconut
Dried apple
Vanilla honey
Gluten free flakes and/or cereals


Makes a gorgeous, thoughtful gift and I’d love to package and label your gift for you too!
All enquires most welcome.

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