Time to Make Christmas Cake!

An exciting day! My spiced brandy and port sozzled figs and prunes are ready to transform this years Christmas cake into something deliciously sublime.


The spiced brandy tastes just like Grand Marnier, without the sugar. I will be adding the flesh from the soaked oranges to my mix. I just used the scissors and snipped out the orange flesh.

You could also add the rind, but you would need to slice it very, very finely.


With the 1kg of dried, mixed fruit, the 1kg of raisins, the 250g of dried apricot and the soaked figs and prunes, I’d say I had around 3kg of fruits for this years cakes and puddings.


I used 1.5litres of alcohol, total, for the jars of spiced brandy and the port soaked figs and prunes.
I estimate that I added about 600ml, or 1 pint, or 3 cups of this alcohol to my soaking fruit bowl.
I have plenty of alcohol left and could use this to start another batch of spice and/or fruit infusion.


The amount of alcohol I added to my bowl of fruits works out to approximately 1 cup of alcohol per kg of fruit. When the cake/ pudding is cooked, this alcohol will evaporate, leaving behind rich, complex flavours soaked right into the fruit. It will be moist too, supremely moist, with excellent keeping qualities.


I used plastic wrap to tightly cover the bowl.
I’ll stir it once a day, and next weekend it will transformed into My Perfect Christmas Cake and delicious Christmas puddings to share and enjoy with loved ones.

Till next time
sweetrosie x


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