Onion and Sage Yeast Bread

Lillian’s Cupboard has offered up the most delicious looking bread for World Bread Day.
Her yeasted Onion and Sage bread would be PERFECT for homemade stuffing at Christmas. Imagine this, crumbled and mixed with butter sautéed onions and celery, parsley and sage?
Just perfect.
I’m definitely going to using this recipe.
I’ll be sharing one of my special breads soon too. I missed World Bread Day but I hope you enjoy my Sweet Potato and Green Chilli bread post – coming soon!

Lillian's Cupboard


Since today, October 16, is World Bread Day, I tried a new recipe that was adapted from one in a cookbook called Elsah Landing Heartland Cooking (Illinois), a gift from my youngest son and his wife. The basic changes were to adapt to an easier way to mix the dough with fast-acting yeast and dough hooks.

This makes a delicious soft bread with just a whisper of onion and sage plus a slight texture of corn meal.  Makes great toast or grilled cheese and/or meat sandwiches.

A buttered slice or two is just right to accompany a bowl of soup or chili.

Sweet Potato and Bean Soup
White Chicken Chili
Depression Vegetable Soup
Potato Soup

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