Fried Rice


The perfect meal when you have a piece of leftover roasted belly pork, as I did earlier this week.

That’s the great thing about fried rice, you can take what you have in the fridge and cupboard, and make an absolutely scrumptious meal out of it.

You can really use what you like to tart it up: chicken, prawns, pork, omelette strips, all vegies, the choice is yours depending on what’s on hand.

THE most essential, must-have ingredient for a perfect fried rice is cold, cooked, long grain rice. It’ll never be any thing special without it.

Cold rice stays firm and separate. Hot, just cooked rice turns into a floppy, soggy mess when you try to fry it up.

Here’s what I did, it’s not so much a recipe, more a roadmap for the perfect fried rice that’s quick, delicious and fit for a king.


Nice onions, yeah? Ha! They’re from my split pea soup post but, I did start my fried rice by gently sauteing a thinly sliced onion, two crushed cloves of garlic, some thinly sliced green chilli and a little ginger.

I thinly sliced my pork and added that to the mix. I wanted to render some of the lard from the pork, it’s an extra tasty, pure fat in my humble opinion, so, I let it cook gently for a while.

I also added thinly sliced yellow, green and red baby capsicum.

This lovely mix was scooped out and set aside while I made a 3 egg omelette in the same pan. As the eggs started to firm, I sprinkled over some chopped coriander for lovely green speckled colour and authentic flavour.

The omelette was cut into strips and set aside.

I then added about a Tbsp of oil to the pan and dropped in my cold, cooked rice. I guess I had around 4 cups.

Don’t worry that your rice looks lumpy and is hard to break up. Leave the heat on low for a while and the warmth will quickly separate the grains.

Now, pop in all your added bits and pieces, turn the heat up and stir fry for around 5 minutes. Stir along the base of the pan often, starchy rice does like to stick.

Reduce the heat again and add your choice of saucy seasonings. I just added some soy sauce but kecap manis, hoisin, oyster sauce, chilli sauce and sambal are all excellent. I have used kimchi before, that was delicious. I have also had great success seasoning with fermented soybean and chilli paste/sauce.

Fried rice is also elevated to another level if it’s served with a sunny side up fried egg, chopped spring onion and dried Asian shallots.

It looked gorgeous served up on my treasured Chinese aluminium plate with the peonies around the edge. That plate always reminds me of olden days Singapore or Shanghai for some reason  🙂

Bon appetit my friends.

2 thoughts on “Fried Rice

  1. OK – I had to resort to Google again. I was happy to find that capsicum is what Americans would call peppers and green, red and yellow ones are easy to find.

    The dish sounds great and I love your Chinese platter.

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