Bush Food Haute Cuisine


Working at Tauondi College offers fabulous opportunities to experience the magic that is Australian native cuisine.

It’s not just me that appreciates the versatility and flavour of bush foods either. Public knowledge and curiosity continues to grow steadily as diners discover a distinct cultural cuisine, bursting with new, just waiting to be savoured, flavours, aromas, and textures.

The Tauondi hospitality students were recently proud to be honoured with a commission from the ABC. Their brief? Create a dish, centred around native ingredients for an upcoming special.

This was the amazing dish they created and cooked.

Coorong mullet, smoked over Knobby Club Grass, napped with a spiced quandong sauce and accompanied by flash fried Saltbush, Warrigal Greens and Muntrie.


Amazing flavours, amazing visually. This dish is deserving of the highest praise and respect.

The fish took on the light, smoky nuances of the club grass and was sweet and perfectly delicious.


The bush spice rub accented without overwhelming the delicate fish.


The students gathered the quandongs that became this luscious sauce. An infusion of spices matched the sweet sour quandongs perfectly.
There were notes of peach, passionfruit, lime and spice in the final flavour palate. Complex, refined and like nothing I’d ever tasted before.
This uniquely delicious sauce absolutely matched the smoky fish and earthy greens.

I’m afraid I don’t know the name of the show BUT I think it might be a Christmas special, scheduled for later this year.
One things for sure, this dish definitely deserves to be showcased. Can I just say again, this was amazing.
Thanks again guys, love ya’ work  🙂

3 thoughts on “Bush Food Haute Cuisine

  1. dear sweetrosie, what a lovely presentation you displayed on native foods, it must be an absolute delight for students to have you there, to learn from you. thanks for sharing joan e charles

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