Moroccan Sweet Potato Salad

Personally, I prefer to use sweet potato in this salad but you can successfully substitute for pumpkin, if you like.
The sweet potato remains firmer when roasted and doesn’t fall apart as easily as pumpkin does, and I like this.
I also love sweet potato for its distinctive, sweet, rich taste.
This delightful, versatile vegetable is loaded with nutrients too.
The folks in the US have been using sweet potato in sweet and savoury dishes for a long time. It’s been a slower road to general acceptance here in Australia, pumpkin has reigned supreme, but more and more people are discovering the vegetable and incorporating or into their meals.
Try using sweet potato wherever you would normally use pumpkin: roasted, soups, mashed, all are delicious.
Its drier, more potato like texture also means or can be used to make very tasty chips/French fries.


To make around 10 side serves of salad, you will need:
1kg sweet potato
400g cooked or tinned chickpeas, white beans or a mixture of both.
1/4 cup flaked or slivered almonds. Toast until light brown.
1/4 cup, chopped dried apricot.
1/2 cup, chopped, flat leaf parsley.
1 dessertspoon of Moroccan spice mix.
1 very finely chopped clove of garlic.
4 tablespoons olive oil.
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice.

Peel your sweet potato and cut into even sized cubes, big or little as you like.
Toss the pieces with 1 tablespoons of the olive oil and the spice mix.
Put into a roasting pan and cook in a hot oven until soft and roasty on the edges.
Now, while the roasted potato is still warm, add all your other ingredients. The warm potato will serve to absorb and bring all the flavours together.
Gently flip about to toss it
all together.
I mix in the pan the potato was cooked in and using an egg flip, I go along the bottom, flipping and tossing it gently together.

Taste and add salt if needed.

This salad is nicest served at room temperature.

2 thoughts on “Moroccan Sweet Potato Salad

  1. I know I would love this with sweet potato, white beans and apricots. I don’t know if I can find the Moroccan spice mix. I’m sure that’s what really makes it special.

    1. You’re right Lillian, the spice mix does make or special and I can’t have you not try this recipe 🙂
      Here’s my plan. I’m going to do a bit of spice alchemy, I bought everything I will need today, and I’m going to create and post a recipe for Moroccan spice mix.
      Just give me a day or so and all will be good!

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