Jewel Fruit Salad


A very special day at work today. Several of our dedicated staff members were recognised for their 10 years and over at Tauondi College.

I digress, I know but I also have to mention the hospitality students. I know that tonight some of them will be working an event at Government House. Awesome!

I work closely with the hospitality students and it’s been such a pleasure to watch them grow and achieve.

Some have had work experience at the Red Ochre here in Adelaide and this has given them all a taste of the industry at it’s highest level, along with a new appreciation of the depth, nuance and possibilities involved in cooking with native ingredients.
They were all out collecting quandongs on Thursday, enthusiasm is high, the kitchen is buzzing!

Back to todays lunch.
Sunny, bright day here in Adelaide today so this fruit salad was the perfect accompaniment to our bbq buffet lunch.

I used a small selection of brilliantly coloured and flavoured fruits and finished with a light toss in a smudge of native hibiscus syrup.
It was served with Greek yoghurt and honey for those who fancied.

Congratulations guys! It was a pleasure to prepare todays lunch in your honour.


4 thoughts on “Jewel Fruit Salad

  1. happy September sweet rosie, you are a areal gem at all your wonderful recipes t hat you share with all the world, thank you again joan e Charles Virginia usa

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