Japanese Shortcake

I’ve been adding a bit of content to sweetrosie on Facebook lately but I’m hoping having WordPress on mobile will iron out some of the problems I’d been experiencing and allow me to blog more often.
We’ve got a Japanese houseguest and he’s inspired me to try my hand at some Asian bakery items.
Asian baked cakes are, as a rule not as sweet as western cakes, this will suit many people. The few I’ve tried so far, also rely on egg white, whipped and added to lighten the batter. As you probably know, egg white creates wonderful, light as air cakes!
The Japanese shortcake is not the biscuity, American shortcake you might be used to.
It’s a light sponge, filled with whipped cream and strawberries and frosted with more whipped cream. Absolutely delicious!
I believe, in Japan, this cake is a common choice for celebrations and especially at Christmas. So much so, it is also known as Christmas cake.
You can easily find a recipe online, just search Japanese shortcake.
Next time I make one, I’ll make more careful more oh how I make mine and post a recipe here.


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