Happy Mothers Day

Is there any day more blessed? Mothers Day always falls on the weekend of what was the happiest day of my life – my daughters birthday. I remember the day she was born as if it was yesterday, even though she’s 23 next week.
Happy birthday darling Myfanwy.

Of course, Mothers Day is also the time I get to celebrate my own mother. She’s sweet, funny, kind, so much more refined than me and just a little bit batty – we all adore her.

I put together a little afternoon tea for my mum, we can sit and have a chat about this and that, have a coffee and a piece of cake and just enjoy each others company.
mothers day 506

Nothing very elaborate, a moist boiled fruit cake and a pear and almond frangipane tart – mummy’s favourite!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there. I hope you have the most beautiful day.


8 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. How lucky I am to have such a daughter. Just enjoyed a brilliant afternoon tea and a chat about everything. A lovely thoughtful gift and card . It has been a brilliant day.

  2. A wonderful Mother’s Day post, honoring your own dear mother and yourself as a mother. I’ve always felt that way on Mother’s Day – very grateful to be a mother.

  3. happy belated mother’s day sweet rosie, today is mothers day here in Virginia, and my daughters are far away in other places, but still can’t be helped, I will see them very soon, hope you are having good weather, and many people here love your recipes, salmon cakes are a big hit. my very best wishes to you and yours, thank you so much for the lovely food recipes… joan e Charles xx

    1. I’ve been slow to respond again! Thank you for your kind words, they made me slow down and smile, life gets so busy sometimes… Wishing you and yours a very happy weekend 🙂

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