They asked ME for an interview?

Yes they did! I take my thrills where I can get them nowadays so I was all smiley when I received a lovely email from Adelaide City Kitchens.

These nice folks with the very lovely website asked if I would do an interview for their company blog.

I thought you might be interested to see the questions they asked and the answers I gave so I’m going to put it in this post.

Disclaimer: I was not paid in money or kind for this interview. However, Nick and the gang at were so nice that I’m including their website here. It’s a nice blog, have a look.

Intro/bio: Briefly introduce yourself and your blog.

It’s a pleasure to be here sharing a little of my story. My name is Angela and sweetrosie is my blog name and foodie alter-ego. You can visit sweetrosie at Gastronomy, the study of food and eating has been a life-long passion for me and I have a Master of Arts in Gastronomy from Le Cordon Bleu/University of Adelaide. It’s an honour to hold this title and through blogging I get to share the wonderful world of food and eating.

1) What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Blogging opens doors for me – A fellow blogger (Hi Lillian!) once said it something like this – I get to peek into other folk’s kitchens, see what they’re up to and visit for a while if I want! I love welcoming people from all over the world to my blog. It’s a meeting of minds and hearts. Food blogging offers a genuine sense of community and there’s a food blog for everyone, whatever your interest or passion!
2) Which post of yours is your most favourite (or most popular) and why?
What’s my favourite post? That’s easy. I have a bit of a “thing” for the quirky and a post I wrote about the food colouring cochineal tickled my foodie fancy! I called that post, “There Actually is a Bug in Your Food.” Two posts battle for most popular. The post for egg-free, dairy-free, wheat free cupcakes is consistently popular and reflects a growing interest in and requirement for allergen-free cooking and baking. “Perfect Corned Silverside” is the other. You see, it might seem simple to those who know how to do it but those old-school recipes just aren’t taught in schools anymore. There’s a generation of cooks who may very well be facing a piece of corned silverside for the very first time.
3) What are your three favourite food/drink/cooking blogs that you read?

4) What’s a tasty recipe or favourite ingredient that you’ve started making/using in the last 6 months? How did you discover it?
I have recently discovered the wonder food that is raw cacao. I came across it when I was researching the ever-growing interest in superfoods. I always thought it was all about Cadbury cocoa (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s an icon!) BUT once you’ve tried raw cacao and cacao nibs, man, it’ll blow your chocolate mind!
What’s an Adelaide restaurant/coffee shop/cafe etc. that you think is undervalued? (or perhaps not as well known as they deserve)
Keong Kee Peking Duck BBQ Shop 3, 113-131 Days Rd. CROYDON PARK, SA, 5008
Great value, friendly bbq meat shop with the bonus of a great Vietnamese restaurant and a largish Asian supermarket in the same complex. Keong Kee cooks and serves the most sumptuous Asian bbq duck, chicken and pork. Available by the kg – great for entertaining, or in top-value takeaway packs with rice and house-made pickled veggies.

6) What are three features of your kitchen that you couldn’t live without, and why?
The gorgeous view of my garden from the windows that run right along one wall.
My very good looking, very easy to clean, floating floor boards.
My Sunbeam espresso maker and Krupps burr grinder.

7) What are three additional features that your dream kitchen would have, and why?
I’d love a butler’s kitchen that adjoined the kitchen proper.
Next on the list would be a massive, climate-controlled walk-in pantry – big enough for everything, including the fridge!
Miles and miles of bench space with a built in marble section for pastry work.

8) My Kitchen Rules, Master Chef, both or neither? (and a quick comment)
I love UK Master Chef. Great show, it’s been amazing to see the growing interest in food and cooking generated by this media phenomenon.


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