Easy Delicious Fish Cakes – Gluten Free if you Like

falafel 015Fish cakes are a great way to stretch out a tin of red salmon or a poached atlantic salmon cutlet. It’s summer so these got a summery spin. I served them on flatbread with chilli hoummos, salad and lemon. That’s plain old tomato sauce on the top.

Here’s the recipe and of course, you can change it about as you see fit. These quantities make about 8 fish cakes.
** 500g of potatoes. Cook, mash without any butter or milk and cool to room temperature.
** approx 250g-300g fish of your choice. I used a medium size tin of drained red salmon. I left the bones in – they disintergrate, you can’t tell and they add valuable calcium.
** 2 stalks of spring onion. Finely chop the whole thing – white and green
** 1 large egg
** salt and pepper to taste
** the very finely grated rind of a lemon – optional, but nice. I used my Microplane, it makes a very fine grate.
** very finely chopped green chilli or jalepeno to taste. Again, optional but a nice addition.

I just tossed everything into the pan that the potato was cooked and mashed in and swazzled it up well. No need to dirty extra bowls for this step.
Put the mix into the fridge to chill, it is so much easier to work with when it’s cold.

Get your crumbing stuff ready. HERE is some info on crumbing from a previous post you might find helpful.

1) beat 2 eggs well and put them into a wide shallow bowl
2) season about a cup of plain flour or gluten-free plain flour with salt and pepper and put into a shallow bowl
3) put about 2 cups of panko, regular or gluten-free dry breadcrumbs into a shallow bowl. For sturdier foods I would use a plastic bag but fish cakes are a bit delicate for that method.
You can season the crumbs if you like – parsley flakes, salt and pepper, lemon pepper or Australian native spices like mountain pepper or lemon myrtle make nice additions.

Get your mix out of the fridge and use 2 tablespoons to scoop out and form a croquette shaped fish cake.
Gently plop it into the flour and flip it about until it’s covered.

Gently drop it into the egg mix and flip it about and over until it’s all covered and no flour remains dry.
Gently drop on top of your crumbs and roll about. You can reshape the fish cake with your hands to “glue” on the crumbs and get the shape back. Just be gentle and all will be good.

Another stint in the fridge will firm them up and make cooking easier.

Heat about 1 cm of a neutral flavoured oil in a non-stick fry pan. I used rice bran oil.

When your oil is hot but not smoking – you actually want to maintain a medium-hot temperature for these, pop in maybe 4 of your fishcakes. Don’t crowd the pan. It cools the oil too much, adds too much liquid to the oil and makes the whole thing a tragedy waiting to happen.

Leave them alone for maybe 5 minutes, don’t be too tempted to try and turn them before the base is well and truly firm and golden. Using a butterknife or fork, gently turn them to cook the next bit. Keep it going like this until they are golden and crunchy all over.

Remove with a flat spatula/egg flip and drain on kitchen towel.

These really deliver on taste, nutrition and versatility. There’s something about crumbed food that adds appeal, you won’t have too much trouble tempting fish phobics or fussy eaters with these.


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