All Natural Red Velvet Cake

Talking about the red velvet cake got me thinking.

I am generally opposed to artificial additives in food and like to think of myself as a well-informed “careful” eater. I’m not bonkers with it, I think I could become orthorexic, given the right circumstances lol so I guess I try for the moderation in all things eating philosophy.

Orthorexia is a very interesting  eating disorder, have a look at the above link and see what you think. Indeed a disease of our times, the pursuit of health, spiritual balance and longevity through food can lead sufferers on a self-destructive path of obsession, pyschological anguish and  (ironically) malnutrion.

As orthorexics refine their focus on the “perfect” diet, the list of foods “safe” to eat becomes smaller. The journey may start with a change to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Great, makes sense. Maybe, there’s an interest in raw foods. Again, great! A semi vegetarian diet with a goodly proportion of raw foods is, in my opinion, ideal. However, for some, an obsession with eating ‘right” takes hold and begins to occupy massive amounts of time and energy. There is the risk of quite extreme thought processes.  The ultimate here for me, would have to be a minority who call themselves breatharians, yep, that’s right, no food, just air…(sorry, I’m sceptical about this one.) I might be a cynic but the concept surrounding the obsession still intrigues.

 Obsessions on when to eat, how much to eat, how to combine the different components of what you eat contribute to a  surety that if one wavers from the regime, is careless or “cheats” by eating a forbidden food, allergic symtoms, weight gain, disease and distress are the certain results.

 The raw food movement and the paleo diet are currently 2 very popular food regimes that spring to mind when thinking about orthorexia. Both carry the potential for the rigid self-control and preoccupation with food that define orthorexic behaviour. I can think of other diets too that demand dietary preoccupation: the blood tye diet, macrobiotics, exclusion diets. For those at risk, there is always a risk. I know how much faith I place in the daily herbal supplements I take; my fish oil, calcium, acai, milk thistle – these are my dietary good luck tokens! I hate forgetting to take them, I can only imagine what that uneasiness feels like multiplied a-thousand-fold for folks who develop orthorexia

Goodness, I have gone on a bit, sorry folks. I did mean to point you to a natural version of red velvet cake! Then I went all rambly on you!

I will include the recipe for an all natural red velvet cake here. It really was the original purpose of the post – honestly!

 Instead of using red food colouring, Jaime, from Sophistimom, developed a red velvet cake recipe that used beetroots. Ingenious. Her cake sounds and looks gorgeous too.

You might also be interested in a previous post I wrote about the red food colouring cochineal. You see, cochineal is natural but it’s natural because it’s made from squashed beetles…



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