Black Glitter Sugar Roses

Image The inspiration for these came from an amazing sugar artist in the UK. Chris, from La Lavande Cake Boutique makes, by hand, incredibly realistic flowers from gumpaste/sugarpaste. A friend sent me the link to her newly created Facebook page a few months ago and I am so glad she did.

You really do have to look twice, three times, to make sure they’re not real flowers. Her natural talent blows me away. She’s not only talented, she’s also an incredibly humble, sweet human being – her sweet, delicate, beautiful flowers reflect her spirit.

I am an amateur decorator but I do enjoy it. It must be the same for all us folks who like painting or sewing, cooking or singing – a close-to-the-heart creative outlet.

I used gumpaste or sugarpaste to make these. It’s basically just fondant with a hardener added. When your flowers dry, they become very stable and hard like china. It’s quite easy to work with and you can lose yourself sitting and moulding and shaping and creating.

They store well so you can put them away for a special occasion. Just store them flat, in a single layer and pop into a cool, dark place.

I used black edible glitter for these ones. I applied the glitter by lightly brushing the completed, dried rose with rose essence using a small, artist’s brush and, over a piece of paper gently sprinkling on the glitter. Shake off the excess over the paper and tip back into the little container.


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