Vietnamese Roast Pork – Rosewater Rules

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I had a bad, bad craving for vietnamese pork and rice this week. Couldn’t shake it and lucky for me there’s a place just up from where I work that serves up the real deal.

NH Meat Rolls is just next to the Foodland supermarket on Grand Junction Road.It’s a little place, there’s maybe 3 tables if you want to dine in but for the most part folks drive up for their takeaway banh mi and rice packs. Two big, handsome policeman, in their new SA Police uniforms, came in for rolls when I was there. I smiled politely while feeling guilty for nothing in particular just like I always do when I see the police…

Let me tell you, this place is good, I’ve picked up a banh mi (meat roll) on many a morning. The (lovely) owners open up at 7.00am, perfect for breakfast eats. The rolls come in at about $3.80 and everything on it is fresh, tasty and satisfying. There’s the standard combo with cold, sliced Vietnamese meats and pates, then there’s “fancy” options like roast pork or lemongrass chicken for those who fancy.

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My focus was on the pork and rice and I went with the combination pack for $9.00. It was freshly prepared so there was a teeny, little wait but all worth it. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe it when I got back to my desk and opened it up. There was roast belly pork with crispy, crunchy crackling, thin, grill-cooked pork cutlet and red-roast pork or char siew. The rice was perfectly cooked and there was about a bucket-full of it under my meats. The fried egg on top was likewise superbly cooked – yolk set but still runny and soft, firm white. Refreshing sliced cucumber edged the pack and there was a little tub of chilli-spiked pickled veg – perfect for cutting through the rich meats.

Ate it, loved it – really loved it.

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