Wild Thyme Organic Cafe

Melbourne Street, North Adelaide is a pretty groovy spot for eats and drinks, especially on a lazy weekend morning. Time for poking around the shops and having a bit of brekkie/lunch/brunch.

Wild Thyme has been around for a few years now, it’s a biggish place; cafe out the front, organic supermarket (with a nutritionist/naturepath) out the back. The cafe menu is heavily geared towards the vegetarian and vegan but there’s plenty of non-veggie options too AND everything is carefully sourced and prepared.

You go up front to order, suits the casual vibe of he place. REALLY nice service staff, every one we came into contact with was smiley and genuinely welcoming – felt good to be there. Funky retro-style espresso machine churning out top quality coffees up the front here, along with a display cabinet filled with luscious looking cakes and pastries along with baguette examples and other savoury snackies. We ordered from the menu – nice offerings. I love the idea of bircher muesli, that was there, so were hotcakes and berries, veggie combos and vegan choices, including this one that was up as a special on the blackboard:

Silken scrambled tofu, grilled tomato, chickpea patty, roasted mushrooms, wilted spinach and gorgeous rustic rye toast.

wild thyme 002

Errhmm, I should add that my gorgeous pal ordered this platter of vegan goodyness with a side of free-range bacon – she was loving it and I champion the decision to enjoy the vegan delights without backing oneself into the vegan corner. Labels can be limiting, this was quite a titilating thrill for me – bacon with the vegan brekkie – audacious! lol, love it.

I tried the silken tofu and it wasn’t for me. I love cold, slippery silken tofu served with palm sugar syrup, it kind-of reminds me of junket, another favourite but the savoury version just didn’t work for me.

I went with the vegetarian breakfast from the menu.

Two free-range poached eggs, pan fried haloumi, grilled tomato, avocado, thick rye toast and a very delicious basil pesto – and a side of hollandaise.

wild thyme 004

I enjoyed every mouthful, it was a great combo, the toast made it. I kind-of squashed things together on my toasts, dipped it in the pesto and hollandaise and gobbled it up.

Another friend’s choice wasn’t such a hit I’m afraid. It was described as roasted mushrooms and came with some very yummy sourdough toasts and those perfectly poached eggs BUT these mushrooms had a very pronounced vinegar flavour. Not balsamic syrupy flavour, more like strongish, puckerish white vinegar flavour. She also went for the extra side of bacon.

wild thyme 003

My pretty baby girl wheedled for a tenner to buy a slice of raw food cake from the display. Lucky that’s what I gave her too as this (little) slice of raw foods blueberry and maca torte was $7.95. Maybe a teeny, tiny bit over the mark considering the size of the slice but I can appreciate that the cost of the ingredients push prices up on speciality items like these. Anyone who has bought ingredients like cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, maca, organic fruit etc etc will know what I’m talking about. What price health and quality I guess?
The lady who made this tart was actually at Wild Thyme that day offering tastings of her vegan/raw delights. This lady is a very accomplished cook, all of her cakes/tarts etc look sophisticated and deliciously eatable. The raw food philosophy is endlessy intriguing to me, I have dabbled before and like I said, the very clever use of ingredients make these desserts not only vegan/raw friendly, they also offer hesitant old-school foodies a very friendly intro into another eating philosophy.

wild thyme 010

I like Wild Thyme, have from my first visit. The energy is nice, the food is tasty and the shop out back is an added bonus. On a nice day, see if you can get a table out front or by the open window frontage. People watching is always part of the pleasure, Melbourne Street is so boho, urban chic.

Oh, sign up to Wild Thyme on Facebook too. It’s a nice page, again, soft, happy energy 🙂 they’ll let you know what special treats are on offer and the health and wellbeing posts are interesting.

4 thoughts on “Wild Thyme Organic Cafe

  1. What a great post and restaurant review. I wish I could sample some of these dishes (I had to Google haloumi – I was not familiar with it). I like the use of the good, hearty bread.

    1. Hi Lillian, I hope that this finds you feeling better, it’s been a sad time for you. I must apologise for the lateness of my reply here…random WP issues I’m afraid. I am so pleased you looked up Haloumi! Try it! It’s delicious!
      Take care.

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