Salty Lemonade and Street Food

I have some new blogs to follow, happy days! One of them, Street Food, has become a fave. These guys do a lot of street food eating in Sydney and overseas AND they love overseas supermarkets – just like I do! 

Great writing from these guys. Their posts are just long enough to get you hungry and intrigued and there’s usually a few chuckles. Check it out, there’s an added bonus when you do. Street Food also operate an online travel/food book store linked on their blog. Brilliant titles, excellent pricing, my wish list is growing by the week.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was really to show you a drink I made today. Had to mention Street Food, some of my inspiration came from them. They had a “salty lemonade” at a Vietnamese eatery and I thought it was just the ticket for a hot Adelaide day. Sorry, I drank some before I took the photo – I really am quite dreadful at “setting the scene” for my food photography… Honestly, I just forget what I’m doing. It’s embarrassing when I look at the gorgeous blog photography you see around – everything so beautifully pimped and coiffed ( I know food doesn’t have hair but you know what I mean). My bad, I’ll keep trying. Image

Recreated the salty lemonade using some of my homemade barley drink, slivers of salted lemon from the freezer (don’t ask…) and sparkly mineral water. The Street Fooders were spot on – it tastes just like Salvital, that salty-sweet liver tonic/hangover cure/upset tummy powder drink in a tin.

Love Asian drinks and the Vietnamese have some great ones. I already knew I loved their soda egg, iced filter coffee and 3 bean drink, now I can add salty lemonade to the list.


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