Australian Native Fruit – the Muntrie or Emu Apple

The fruit compote we made to accompany a lemon myrtle creme is a delicious medley of strawberry, blueberry and an underated little native Australian fruit – the emu apple  or muntrie.

Raw, they look quite like teeny, tiny crabapples. However, unlike the European crabapple, the muntrie grows on low shrubs. Here’s a bit more info, courtesy of the those busy bees over at Wikipedia.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   M…

untries   Kunzea pomifera
Muntries (Kunzea pomifera) – also known as emu apples, native cranberries, munthar i, muntaberry or monterry [1] – are low-growing plants found along the southern coast of Australia. The berries produced by these plants are about 1 cm in diameter, green with a tinge of red at maturity and have a flavour of a spicy apple. Crunchy in texture, muntries contain up to four times more antioxidants than blueberries [2] and provide natural waxes that are good for skin nourishment.

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