It’s time to start thinkimg Christmas cake again! A cake like My Perfect Christmas Cake will be just devine if made now, carefully wrapped and stored and served at Christmas. A few months to mature (and “feed” with brandy or rum if you wish) and I guarantee you will be serving your family and friends the ultimate moist, luxurious Christmas cake.
Don’t scimp on the ingredients – it’s only once a year 🙂 and do your best to give your fruits a nice soaking before you make the cake.
Love to hear your comments and always delighted to answer your queries. Have fun!


This recipe is so easy and makes a large, delicious, moist Christmas cake – perfect for sharing with family or when guests come over.

This is a simple recipe, the most time consuming parts are soaking the fruits and baking the cake.
Even these parts can be reflective exercises in kitchen zen.
The rest, the actual mixing of the cake, is super easy.
Trust me! Making a Christmas cake is fun, satisfying and oh so worth it!

A homemade Christmas cake also makes a heartfelt, loving gift.
I make quite a few smaller cakes as gifts every year so always make lots of my luscious soaked fruit mixture.
“Gift wrap” your cakes in a tea towel that suits the recipient: festive, shabby, vintage. There are so many available, often in economical multi packs.
A wonderful gift for someone special!

I usually soak the dried fruits in a mixture of port and brandy for a week or…

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