This post has been, by far, the most searched and commented one I have written so far. It deserves a re-post here.


Some of you will be familiar with my recipe for allergen-free/vegan chocolate cupcakes. You can find the recipe HERE. Well, my client requested vanilla allergen-free cupcakes topped with blue ‘buttercream” this week, so I set to work perfecting the recipe.

This is the result:

Some things that I did that I believe helped achieve this great result:

  • using a little baking powder AS WELL as self-raising powder. Just to give the SR flour a little extra boost 🙂
  • using vinegar instead of lemon juice
  • using rice milk. Just me, but I think  soy milk can be a little assertive in cakes. Flavoured rice/soy milk can be used if you like. I believe you can get vanilla and chocolate flavour
  • I used a top-quality vanilla paste for flavouring. Vanilla extract would be a good alternative. Vanilla essence is very cheap, but it is a synthetic product and the flavour cannot compare with …

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