Sugared Native Violets

Beautiful, delicate spring violets – irresitable.

I had a dessert to prepare for a luncheon this week and we were showcasing  beautiful Australian native foods. I decided on a  dessert that captured native cuisine, spring and gorgeousness 🙂

Softly set lemon, lemon myrtle and wild lime, or finger lime mascapone creme, served in a brandy snap basket and topped with a sugared native violet. I made  native currant (muntrie) strawberry and blueberry compote to serve along side.

Sugared violets cost a fortune to buy and I had zero chance of finding sugared native violets so, I made my own! Super easy and a beautiful result.

Here’s what I did:

Gathered pesticide free native violets first thing in the morning while they’re snappy fresh.

Very carefully washed them in a bowl of water and dried them by leaving them on paper towel.

Lightly whisked the white of an egg in a bowl – you don’t want foam, just broken down, runny egg white.

Poured caster sugar into another bowl.

Leave the stems on, it makes for much, much easier handling.

I picked up my flower by the stem and with a child’s paintbrush and using the side of the bowl for support, I painted all the flower with egg white. The side of the bowl will help alot – you can almost (gently) flatten each petal against the side to make for easy “painting.”

Keepig all the petals flat out if you can, put the eggy flower front down in the caster sugar and use a spoon to tip the sugar over the side not in the sugar. Lift it out, have a quick check to make sure it’s all covered and gently lay on a tray covered with baking paper.

Dry them out, lightly covered with tissue if you like, overnight.

When they are dry, just snip off the stems with scissors.

These look ab-so-lute-ly GORGEOUS on cupcakes, retro/vintage them inspired cakes and chocolates/truffles.

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