Miffy’s 21st Birthday Cake

Miffy's 21st Birthday Cake

Tiny photo I know, Mum used some new-fangled photo sender/editor…

Vanilla bean pound cake with a white chocolate and fresh raspberry buttercream, marbled chocolate collar and hand-made fondant daisys and dark chocolate discs.

Edible image of the birthday girl on a fondant plaque on top.

Same cake in the cupcake with white, milk and dark chocolate frosting. Various hand-made decorations (including the edible images-great product, printed on thin, thin fondant)

ย Retro theme cupcake wrappers from a brilliant place I found on ebay.

Yay, Miffy loved it, everyone loved it! A success!


7 thoughts on “Miffy’s 21st Birthday Cake

  1. Hello,
    love the blog! I’m an Aussie living in the UK! I wanted to ask which non dairy spread you could recommend over here for buttercream frosting? I used Pure sunflower and it split when I added the colour….most annoying! Check out our blog http://www.bunted.wordpress.com as well! Good luck with uni.

    1. Hi Sarah in the UK! Many thanks for your kind words. I don’t actually know any of the UK non-dairy spreads but I am wondering about the split mixture – would the addition of more icing sugar rescue it do you think? The only other suggestion I have is to try using a gel or paste colouring from the cake decorating shop; they are much stronger so don’t use much at first, add it slowly. They are also a lot more stable to use compared to the supermarket liquid food colourings.
      Thanks for the uni wishes ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a few more weeks and the dissertation is done, done, done!
      I will look at your blog- cheers for that.
      All the best ๐Ÿ™‚

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