Still here and missing you all…

So please keep sending me your  comments.

I 100% promise to revitalise poor sweetrosie when this “Year of the Dissertation” is over LOL. It’s a hard slog combining work and study and poor sweetrosie has been neglected…

Hey,  while I think of it -Marian Grasby? Everyone’s fave Masterchef contestant? Well, she’s a fellow MA Gastronomy student and I can tell you she IS as sweet and lovely as she seems on telly AND as passionate about her food as anyone I’ve ever met. Well done Marian – you did South Australia proud! I would have eaten your satay sauce anyday my friend, looked scrumptious to me xx


2 thoughts on “Still here and missing you all…

    1. Hi Lillian, it was so nice to get your email. I hope that this finds you and yours well and happy.

      I’m afraid my university studies had to take priority over my blogging – in fact, it feels as though they’ve taken over my life 🙂 This is my dissertation year for my Masters of Arts and my deadline is creeping up…

      Lillian, I will be back to blogging, I’ve tried to make sure I’ve looked at everyone on my blogroll when I can, I just loved it when sweetrosie was active, making friends and sharing with people all over the world is a blessing.

      Keep well, Angela

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