Peach & Panettone Bread Pudding

I think I like even “bad” bread & butter pudding, it’s all comfy, like baby food 🙂

However, I can assure all the bread & butter pudding doubters out there that recipe is absolutely delicious and worthy enough to be served at your next special dinner.

It is VERY rich so it’s one of those special treats 🙂

One small thing before I give you the recipe – we didn’t eat this the evening it was made. We were all so full from the main course (a scrumptious basil parmesan chicken recipe I’ll post later) Consequently the custard set quite firm – like firm mousse. Let me tell you, it was still absolutely delish!

Oh, and as usualI have to apologise for the photo – those ‘whitish” bits around the side of the bowl – to the right? That’s the set custard.


  • You will need about 200g of the bread of your choice. For this recipe I used the Italian leavened bread Panettone. It’s common in the shops at Christmas and I got these two in the after-Chrissy sales 🙂
  • panettone-in-box

It’s a light, kind-of dry cake/bread lightly flavoured with citrus and sultana. I know some people like to make their bread and butter pud with brioche or croissant – 2 more very rich options!

Good quality bread is a fine option.

  • about 60g softened, unsalted butter. Do not use margarine for this recipe
  • Your choice of jam, conserve or marmalade. I used peach jam for this one. Marmalade is a lovely option, as is apricot jam. The berry jams don’t really seem to work as well.
  • 4 whole eggs and 2 extra egg yolks
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 300ml cream
  • 300ml full-fat milk
  • some vanilla paste or extract if you fancy ( I did and added 1 teaspoon of vanilla paste)

Grease your baking dish and set the oven to moderate – about 375F/160C

I cut the panettone into slices about 2cm thick and spread them the butter and jam.


  • I then put them in a single layer into the baking dish.
  • To make the custard I whisked the eggs and yolks, sugar, cream, milk and vanilla up in the blender. This was then tipped over my slices of buttered and jammed panettone.



  • The panettone/bread will bob up to the surface, don’t worry about it. Push it down a couple of times to make sure it’s able to soak up the custard and then leave it, in the ‘fridge for a few hours. The bread will suck up the custard nicely and will be sodden. The bits that are sticking up glaze in the oven and make the pudding delicious.
  • I think I baked this for about 40 minutes. It was golden and firm but the custardy bits were still wobbly. Like I said thought, it all firm up after being in the fridge overnight.

Perfectly lovely on its own, even more luscious with extra cream and some poached or stewed fruit, or maybe fresh raspberries if you’ve got any 🙂


12 thoughts on “Peach & Panettone Bread Pudding

    1. Oh my goodness! I had an awful cold…NOW I have an infection behind my toenail. 2009 is off to a bad start for me LOL

      You do need some comfort food when you’re ill, you can pretend you’re a little girl again 🙂

      Take care of yourself my friend xx

  1. well that looks and sounds delicious, will have to try it. my husband adores bread & butter pud. hope you are still enjoying your new job. I too now have a new job.

  2. New job! What new job??

    I hope your dear husband does enjoy the pudding – pass on my regards 🙂

    The job is great, very different to what I was doing. It’s a long way to drive though!

  3. My husband loves Bread Pudding as well panettone and marmalade – so I will be making this for him when he returns from a business trip later this week. I’ve never thought to put marmalade in bread pudding – thanks for the idea!

  4. New job? What new job? Are u still teaching the lovely gentlemen at the community center?

    Yums.. Anyway that makes the 3 of us, sick early in the year.. Hope the rest of the year is better!

    How’s the toe by the way? Fungus? Or in grown? (apologies to ur readers.. )

  5. heehee, it was a bit funny my dear happygrub – weird but funny 🙂
    Yep, new job. I’ve moved on to an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander adult training college. I’m in the hospitality department. There are also accredited courses in IT, horticulture, community studies etc. Challenging job, but early days yet.
    My poor toe!!! In-grown I’m afraid, didn’t see it coming until it was too late – the infection happened VERY quickly. Cleared up with a bit of rest and antibiotics. Still on things medical LOL – I’m still deaf in one ear from the sinus infection I had a couple of weeks ago, that is very disconcerting I can tell you 🙂 It’s all echoey…
    Take care 🙂 xx

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