Pie? Tart? Flan?


I was thinking about what I wrote about a pie not being a pie unless it had a pastry lid and I got to thinking about all those lovely desserts I call PIE that definately do not have a pastry lid:

lemon meringue pie

mince pie

pumpkin pie

meat and potato pie – obviously not a dessert but an old English favourite

and all those American pies I have only read about and dream about eating one day – coconut cream pie, shoofly pie, chocolate cream pie

I humbly stand corrected :)

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Hi! Glad you could stop by. I'm Angela, the face behind sweetrosie. I look forward to sharing my varied and often eclectric gastronomic experiences with you through my blog, here at Wordpress, and on Facebook and Twitter.
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4 Responses to Pie? Tart? Flan?

  1. tiffany007 says:

    As I was wakening again from a poorly sleep an overwhelming urge came over me for something really sweet, as I rooted around the store cupboard I came across the recipe for Banoffee pie, another topless pie. Can you believe the connection thing going on. unbelievable, i shall make it… one day

  2. sweetrosie says:

    Well I never! Did you see the recipe I posted? It really was easy – go on, make one for yourself darling!
    I have an ear infection, no wonder I’m feeling so ill, still a bit poorly… what about you? On the mend?
    I am sending you a huge virtual wedge of banana caramel tart through cyberspace xxxxx

  3. katong gal says:

    A pie by any other name would taste as good?

    Actually that is a good one – I’ve never thought about the difference between a pie and a tart. Is it a question of size, then, tarts are supposed to be smaller?

  4. sweetrosie says:

    Hiya katong gal :) I really don’t know and I’ve thinking and reading about this one since I wrote the post.
    I am beginning to think that the differences do lie within US culinary terms and English terms. I have never heard a pastry dish without a lid referred to as a “pie” except in an American recipe. I’ve been wracking my brains to try and come up with an English example and can’t – I can think of treacle TART, jam TART, Bakewell TART, etc, etc but no pies :) all help and comments welcome! :)

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