Party Snacks

We had Christmas and New Year early this year. My sister was over from the UK for a few months and it made sense to gather all our special people up and celebrate together.

The garden looked beautiful. The pond was floodlit, there were candles and the water features were going, monty even got a fire going when the evening got chilly. It was lovely to sit around and laugh and chat, eat and drink. Just perfect!

We made a lot of snacky type foods to keep us going while the meats were cooking in the Weber 🙂 Here are a few of the things we put togther:


These are an old favourite of mine. They’re easy to do, a couple of packs of frozen pastry makes about 90 and they always dissapear fast! You can find my stand-by recipe here.


I made two sauces: a tamarind one, thickish and sweet and a mint,coriander,green chilli and yoghurt one. I garnished the serving tray with dried bamboo leaves – it looked very pretty.

In the background of that photo you can just see our sticky chicken wings. I cut the wing tips off a couple of kilos of wings, divided the wings into 2 pieces and marinated them in a plastic bag. Now, I don’t exactly remember what went in *blush* but I am pretty sure it would have been slurps of sweet chilli sauce, hot chilli sauce, soy sauce, some curry paste and some apricot jam. I baked them in the oven, covered at first, then foil off to finish them off. That platter got garnished with some long “tangled” strips of cucumber.

This salsa, dip and crudite platter went onto a leaf from the monstera plant. That made an impact! It looked so pretty!. I used a jar of salsa as a base and added chopped fresh tomato, crushed garlic, lots of coriander, finely chopped onion and red capsicum, finely chopped red chilli and lemon juice. Delicious! There was a bit left over and we made a stir-fry with prawns with it – perfect 🙂


The two dips are bought ones, we ran out of time to be honest. I like hommous so I chose that, m sister has a nostalgia thing for a dip I used to make in the 1970’s with cream cheese and a packet of French onion soup mix so we bought a tub of that ( she maintains mine was better, I should have made the effort, how hard would it have been ?)

I hope you like the ideas. Honestly, if you’re ever stuck for a party snack that’s easy, can hang around (no meat) is good hot or cold and goes down a treat – think curry puffs!


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