Tastespotting said “thanks, but no thanks” – boo-hoo

I have some lovely, very talented bloggy friends who create the most stunning food photography. It really does look like it comes straight out of Vogue Entertaining. I have come to realise that this is actually a kind-of weblog subset or something: there are sites where food photos are submitted, hopefully approved and then displayed for everyone’s viewing. A LOT of people get a lot of pleasure from these gorgeous, absolutely perfect photos of food people have created.

Now obviously, anyone who knows my “work” knows Tastespotting isn’t going to want any of my photos anytime soon, but you know what? I actually love it when I visit my favourite food blogs and there’s some candid, unstyled food shots too. They are always the ones that evoke the most emotion for me. I admire the gorgeous, perfect shots, and I wonder how the hell do they do that, but please don’t stop taking the other kind too.

Here’s a little reminder that your “bad” shots make my “good” photos look like a monkey let loose with a camera took them:this is the garden at the moment.

Miffy’s snow peas in a pot on the front porch. She also has lettuce, parsley, coriander, mint and spring onions out there

Monty’s miraculous winter-surviving tomatoes. Silverbeet and beans behind

Lime tree – the white thing is just stuff on the washing line

Chillies, basil, strawberries, brahmi, taro and oregano in pots

Miffy’s potato patch, beans in front, rockmelon, watermelon, cucumbers and pumpkin behind


6 thoughts on “Tastespotting said “thanks, but no thanks” – boo-hoo

  1. So jealous of your garden! My snowpeas haven’t climbed up to the second strand of wire yet, let alone started producing pods. And a slug got into my climbing cucumber seedlings and ate the lot. Plus Mif’s potato plants are HUGE compared to mine. Gaaahhhh!!! 😉

    I will, however, be getting another car-load of mushroom compost today (I can fit 8 bags in the Corolla before the suspension starts sagging) so perhaps I can get my beans and corn in this weekend. We’ve had some good rain lately – I’ll try sending some your way. Water-restrictions totally suck.

  2. see how the back lot of potato plants are smaller than the front ones? – slugs. Monty was beside himself yesterday, they have eaten half of his cucumber and rockmelon seedlings so now I have to go to the garden shop and get some more. Don’t quite know what you do about the little ##@@&^’s either, they seem to come out at night because there is no trace of them during the day. I could send the chooks out as a kind of attack squad but they’d eat more than the slugs…

    Well, I had better go and hand over more of my money to the lovely plant man. I think I might gete some of those silverbeets with the coloured stalks. Next winter I really, really want to remember to plant that Italian black cabbage – something nero , have you seen it? I think I could eat a bucketfull.

    Happy gardening! 🙂

  3. fret not cos mine almost always got rejected by tastespotting too. worst part is at one point i got attacked by a group of Asian hating whites called chiffonade or something like that!!!

  4. o my goodness!!!!!! I cannot believe it. Chiffonade?? That’s like chopped parsley or herbs isn’t it?

    Well, welcome to sweetrosie babe!! I have seen you mentioned in the blog-o-sphere and it’s always been very flattering, so I’m honoured you dropped by 🙂

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