It’s Time To Start Planting Again – Yaay!!

The garden always looks bare over winter although monty’s tomatoes somehow survived – and they are in pots. Go figure.

We’ve had some lovely limes, a few herbs, eggs of course and a bit of silverbeet, but we are really looking forward to planting again this spring, all ready for garden plundering during the long days of summer.

The last couple of summers have been a bit awful for gardening. Adelaide was ( and still is I guess *blush*) on level 2 water restrictions. Basically, we could use the hose on the garden once a week for 2 hours. Anyone with half a life who’s trying to go a veggie garden knows how just-about-impossible that is. If you get distracted and miss your watering slot – that’s it for the week, unless you just break the law troll around and around with a watering can.

So, full of watery optimism we went to the plant shop and this is what we’ve got so far:

  • pumpkins
  • rockmelons
  • chillies – different ones
  • basil
  • cucumbers
  • more silverbeet
  • yellow and green dwarf beans
  • snap peas

Miffy already has potatoes, coriander and snow peas growing and monty has prepared the ground for the other stuff. I think I’ll put the chillies in pots on the porch.

This is today’s lunch and the eggs, silverbeet and tomatoes all came from the garden. very delicious it was too.

Have a lovely Sunday!



4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Start Planting Again – Yaay!!

  1. I wish I have the green thumb to plant vegetables, dear sweetrosie – they can’t seem to thrive well. 😥 I have mainly herbal plants and hardy plants like the curry leaf and pandan leaf. I was thinking just this morning if I should try to plant some tomatoes. 🙄

    Have a great week!

    With love and hugs,

    choesf 😀

  2. dear choesf, I would sacrifice all of my tomatoes for your curry leaves and pandan plant – honest!

    Try some tomatoes in a pot, that
    is what monty did with these ones and look at them! I think you might have to get a special fungus resistant variety though wouldn’t you?

    have a lovely weekend dear! 🙂

    with love to you xx

  3. dear happygrub – I can just imagine you in one of those gorgeous colonial bungalows, the ones with the shutters and the portico and the driver doing a bit of weeding or something…

    No garden huh? Well then I hope that you live in the most beautiful most stylish apartment there ever was – you deserve it!

    *big hug*

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