ooops, has it really been that long…?

Oh dear, I have been away a while. So much happening, so little time… Here I am though, back again dragging my rubbish little 5MP camera along with me. I bet you’ve all missed my photos!

I felt so guilty I made you a cake 🙂  And then I took a couple of photos so I could prove that nothing’s changed  – my photo skills still rate a big, fat zip 🙂  Come in, lie down if you fancy and have a very big slice of lovely cake so I feel better about abandoning you 🙂


I am starting a new job in October – leaving my current one this Friday. I was offered a wonderful position at an adult indigenous community college and I couldn’t say no 🙂 Part of my role will be to formalise and manage  external catering, the college is asked to provide food with a “bush tucker” flavour for events and functions. It’s a brilliant opportunity to promote cultural and culinary awareness and I feel honoured to be asked to be a part of it. I will be seconded to lecturing the hospitality students as required. The college offers accredited courses in commercial cookery and kitchen operations to aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students and once again I feel humbled that they feel I can contribute.

Anyhooo folks, I’m sorry it’s been so long. Uni is taking up hours and hours as you’d expect. This semester is “Food and Drink in Contemporary Western Society” so issues like globalisation, food security, cultural ritual surrounding meals and eating and future trends are all areas of study at the moment.  

Gorgeous K, thanks for the not-so-subtle reminder that poor sweetrosie was feeling neglected 🙂


5 thoughts on “ooops, has it really been that long…?

  1. Yeah, ur back – sorry it has taken me 2 days 2 notice! (Where was my slice of cake)
    Enjoy your break before ur new job – i will miss you and your smile…
    Your cake makes me want to bake right now – YUM

  2. Good to see you back here, dear sweetrosie and thank you for that huge slice of yummy cake I had with my virtual cup of coffee! 😆

    I’m happy for you with the exciting turn of events in your career….hopefully, we can get to try out some of your exotic, indigenous recipes here as well? 😆

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