Egg Free / Nut Free Chocolate Birthday Cake

You might remember that a couple of months ago I make some allergen-free cupcakes for the children’s party company I bake for. The posts are here and here.

Well, one of the mothers approached me to make her 40th birthday cake. She wanted a decorated cake that everyone would enjoy and that was egg and nut free to accommodate her son’s allergies. Mum wanted her son to be able to enjoy the same cake as everyone else at the party. It’s getting collected this morning – I hope they like it.

I used the allergen free chocolate cake recipe and a rich chocolate buttercream. There are no dairy allergies so I was able to use butter in the frosting. If there were I would have used a non-dairy margarine frosting that I have had excellent results with. There was no issue with gluten either but if there had of been it would have been a simple excercise to use gluten-free flours.

I would have liked to use melted chocolate in the frosting and cake but there was a budget and guaranteed nut-free chocolate is so, so expensive so I used cocoa in the cake and frosting. The frosting is sensational! Rich and very chocolately. The cake is moist, dense and full of flavour.

I used my “chocolate budget” to buy milk and white chocolate blocks for the chocolate shavings on top of the cake. I melted both blocks separately and the spread them out on my marble slab. I then used the palette knife to make marbled shavings. I made these earlier in the week and stored them in a plastic container.

The little corner decorations are piped buttercream dusted with petal powder. I originally had much larger ones on the cake but then I got worried and and thought that maybe  “less-was-more” and a more restrained look was better… These are my original flowers.

I did stress to the customer that I am most certainly not a professional cake decorator but she seemed very happy to have someone make the large allrgen-free cake for her and wasn’t particularly fussed about decoration.

Oooh, I hope they like it – they’ll be here in an hour…


7 thoughts on “Egg Free / Nut Free Chocolate Birthday Cake

  1. Rosie that is beautiful! I love the marbled chocolate shavings. I’ll have to show that to my oldest, her food is all about the show (not like my down home cookin). Maybe it’s time I tried your recipe with some gluten free flours and see if I can make it work. Oh it looks so yummy!

  2. awwh – thank you ladies 🙂 Charmaine, I’m sure you’ll have lots of success with the gluten free flour and this cake, I’ve made some like this with the gluten free flour and they were perfect! I just made sure to add more cocoa than the standard recipe – it never seems enought to me 🙂

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