Birthday Afternoon Tea

I had the most gorgeous birthday anyone could have! No fancy meals out, no huge parties – just the family at home and I loved every minute of my special day.

Before I even got out of bed monty had given me foot rub and a coffee 🙂

Then came the presents and I was so spoiled. Darling monty bought me 4 books and 2 bars of Lindt chocolate. 4 new books! I’ll tell you what they are because I love every one of them: a Bill Bryson , a thrilling in a yucky kind of way true crime book, ( which in a very bizarre way also has a gastronomic element…), a novel set in Malaysia, a fabulously big book about a girl who escaped from a polygamous sect ( I’m a sucker for Big Love) and then Mum came over with 2 more new books! 100 Gastronomic Experiences to have Before You Die, and the most beautiful hard cover folio edition of M.F.K Fishers Alphabet for Gourmets. Myf’s present was just what I wanted too. She chose three of my very favourite floral scented soaps. The lavender has ground lavender flowers in it, the rose ground rose petals and the boronia is just the sweetest, floral scent ever.  To top it off a girlfriend brought over the most beautiful bunch of white asiatic lillies , so elegant in the crystal vase. I love fresh flowers. 

The folks came over over for afternoon tea and we had a great day together making some little snacks. Myf wanted to make little party sandwiches with cheese and gherkin (she actually wanted her favourite smoked salmon and cream cheese but wasn’t too keen to go to the shops so cheese it was…) I made some sausage rolls and some scones to have with jam and cream.

I used ready-rolled puff pastry sheets for the sausage rolls and pork sausages. I just split the sausage casings and squished out the meat straight onto the pastry – so easy! I did spread some of the sheets of pastry with capsicum and chilli relish before the meat went on. Home made sausage rolls are just so nice and you can make so many from just one packet of pastry sheets. Just good-old tomato sauce with these little morsels 🙂 I prefer to use sausages instead of packaged sausage meat. I am a bit suspicious of the sausage meat – it’s too cheap for my liking and this way you can choose any flavour sausage you want!

For some strange reason I cannot view the sausage roll photo ! I can see it when I roll the mouse over it in a Snap Preview but that’s all – I’ve tried twice now to insert it, beats me.

The scones was made using my old faithful self-raising flour and cream recipe. Just the flour, a pinch of salt, a spoonful of sugar and enough cream to mix. I glazed these ones with egg as there was some left over from glazing the sausage rolls. We had these babies with whipped cream and some lovely French peach jam.

I truly enjoyed every minute of my special day.


7 thoughts on “Birthday Afternoon Tea

  1. Hi Sweetrosie,
    For some reason the sausage roll photo was loud and clear for me. They looked and tasted delicious. I can speak with authority because I was with Angela on her special day. It was lovely! Mummyogg

  2. Hi dearie, so sorry for the late wish. Happy belated birthday, sweet Angela! May all your wishes come true, and may the stars fall upon you always 🙂

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I really did have a gorgeous day.
    It’s 2 weeks on now and I still haven’t started on my books. It’s a bit of a problem of mine , I tend to want to keep things for a “special occasion”…
    I have put one of the lovely soaps in the shower today so maybe I’m on my way to a cure 😉

  4. Happy birthday, Rosie! I’m sorry i’m so late with this- i’m finally all better from an awful bout of sickness so i’m just getting caught up with blogs. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday!

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