Nyonya Cuisine – THAT Final Essay

Dear friends – without wanting to sound like a braggart I had to share my results for the final essay with you.

That was the one on nyonya/Peranakan cuisine. This essay completed the Professional Certificate in the post-graduate MA degree in Gastronomy . First stage is over! *cue fireworks!*

I am delighted and humbled to tell you that I scored an 88% – a High Distinction. It was so gratifying to do well on a subject that means so much to me. I think you all know by now that Singapore and Malaysia hold the keys to my heart. Writing and researching about the nyonyas was a pleasure.

I wish you could all come over for a glass of bubbly to help me celebrate. Thank you again for all your kind words of encouragement and inspiration along the way xx



11 thoughts on “Nyonya Cuisine – THAT Final Essay

  1. Thank you happygrub 🙂 I wish it was but I have a feeling we’re going to have to delay it – my sister is coming over from the UK 🙂 later in the year so I imagine Christmas will be here. Soon, soon though *fingers crossed*

  2. I’m really surprised I never found you before seeing that I was looking for LCB bloggers a while back. Anyway, congrats on your great results and do you think I could have a peek at your essay? ^^ (big fan of nonya cuisine) (just finished basic patisserie in Syd by the way, do drop by ^^)

  3. sorry for the late wish, but well done on the high distinction. I know how hard it is to achieve that. a lot of blood sweat and tears go into writing papers. also the walk through your garden was lovely, I combined that with a glass of bubbly to celebrate with you

  4. Well done, sweet Rosie! I would have pass you with flying colors just knowing you love our Nyonya food.

    A little bit of Sweet, a ting of sourish tangy a aa aa of salt and alot of pedas will keep the good doctor away!

  5. Congrats on getting a high distinction! As I know, it is not always easy to get high distinctions in that course so you should definitely be proud. When I wrote that paper, I never heard of Nyonya/Peranakan cuisine before and about a year later I went to Singapore. I wish I went to Singapore first then wrote the paper.

  6. Thank you so much Michelle – are we fellow gastronomy students ? 😉

    I am just finishing assign #1 for this semester and the nerves are back again 🙂 I hope I’ve got it right, it’s been hard to get back into all that reading after the break…

    I’d love to hear from you again – it would be great to have a chat about our mutual passion 🙂

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