Choccy Cupcakes – and Some Special Requests

I’m still doing the cupcakes every week and am improving as far as efficiency goes. I needed to – it’s not a lot of money and coming in from work and starting baking meant I soon started to revisit my methods.

I bake the cakes on a Thursday night. It takes about 2 – 2.5hrs from start to finish. Friday, I get home from work and ice them for collection around 7pm. I have started shopping for ingredients on the way to work – the supermarkets open at 6am and it’s lovely and quiet. It saves me having to go to the shops on the way home which I hate. I get myself a coffee from Gloria Jeans and I’m in and out of the shop in 10 minutes, if that.

The order was a mixed one this week. Blue for little boys and pink for the little girls. I think there was about 90 this week. It’s a great feeling when they’re done!


I had an email during the week from a lady who would like me to make an egg-free & nut-free cake for her 40th birthday. I think her son has the allergies and  had one of the allergen-free  cupcakes at a party. I don’t do much private catering any more but am always happy to do it if I can, especially if it’s a referral or special request. Coincidentally I had a dear colleague at work ask for a quote and sample for her wedding day cake. They have a cupcake stand of 60 pastel iced cupcakes in mind with a round cake topper, all dressed with fresh flowers. It sounds beautiful.Vanilla bean sponge and buttercream for that one. It certainly is an honour when you’re asked to do something like that someones very special day 🙂


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