T-Bones, Salad & Michael Pollan…

A t-bone steak remains our favourite  steak. These were beauties! Much too big of course 😉 it’s lucky we only enjoy these every couple of months.

There’s only one steak on the grill in the photo – everyone likes their meat cooked differently, so they all go on at different time. Nothing fancy about the preparation; just a drizzle of olive oil and some freshly ground pepper and salt.

We enjoyed them with a fresh salad. Lots of different leaves, some very tasty baby Roma tomatoes and home-made honey & Dijon dressing.

I like to put my steak on top of my salad. I love the way the hot steak wilts the salad. My daughter thinks that is awful -she wants her salad very crisp and cold. No bread or potatoes – this was more than enough, in fact it was a meat overload 🙂  I believe our appetites have changed and we are used to having much smaller amounts of meat with our meals.


Speaking of changing appetites – author Michael Pollan was on the 7.30 Report the other night promoting his new book. I have read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and I’m a huge fan. Anyway, Pollan thinks we should be eating mostly plant food and using our meat mainly as a condiment or seasoning to the meal. Makes sense. His arguments are well researched and sound. I love his advice to “not eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognise”. The book is great to read, grab a copy if you see it.

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