Ribs, Chicken Feet and a Birthday Poker Party

We have 2 birthdays in May – Myf’s and then montys the next week.

My husband, among other things is a beautiful artist. He is doing a series of Japanese geisha at the moment (I’ll take some photos to share with you) Anyway, my gift to him this year was new French box easel. Myf bought him new palettes and chocolates. Will you have a look at how beautifully she wrapped them! She did the origami cranes and pencil herself. I am surrounded by such creative people!

Monty asked his mates over for a daytime poker party to celebrate his birthday this year. I made snacks. Platters of Chinese-style pork ribs and chicken feet. Like the ones you get at yum-cha. I will share the recipe for the ribs in this post. The method I use makes them so tender and tasty. The meats went onto the platter with some simple pickled vegetables and lime cheeks.

This was monty, Myf and Myf’s BF “setting up” the back porch ready for the party 🙂

The chicken feet were simply marinated in soy, hoisin sauce, garlic and kecap manis for a day and then cooked. First covered with foil to steam/cook them. Then uncovered to finish them off and glaze them


I always get my ribs from the Asian butchers. They know pork and don’t take all the meat of the bones the way the supermarkets do. They are also cheaper.

Having said that, it is mostly bone and you will need a couple of kgs for a decent party snack, so not the cheapest party platter to make (so yummy though!) I bought 2.5kg and 6 people demolished that in no time.

The big secret? Boil the ribs before you bake them. I simmer them, whole, in a stock made from water, star anise, cinnamon quills, whole garlic cloves, whole peppercorns, slices of ginger and onion.

When the ribs are tender – I gave them 1.5hrs, take them out of the stock and leave to cool. This is important as they will firm up again as they cool and be easier to work with.

Save the stock. I am going to make a noodle and mushroom broth with mine.

When the ribs are cool use a sharp knife to divide them up. However many per section is up to you. I made them into single ribs. You might like to make smaller racks or 6,8,10, or sections of 2 or 3 ribs.

Marinate the ribs for a couple of hours in your choice of flavours. For this batch I used a packet of red roast pork seasoning mix with some honey, soy and hoisin saice mixed in. Make sure the sauce is touching all the surfaces of the ribs.

Bake on a foil covered tray (for easy washing-up) in a hot oven for about 30 minutes. Try to have the ribs in a single layer so the ones underneath don’t just steam. They will char in places – that’s the honey – doesn’t matter at all.

These can be served hot, or at room temperature. Remember to get pleanty of wet-wipes or damp paper towel out!


3 thoughts on “Ribs, Chicken Feet and a Birthday Poker Party

  1. Hi sweetrosie! 🙂

    I’ve never cooked chicken legs like this, only in soups. Thanks for the new recipe, I’ll try this for sure.


  2. Yes, I agree with Rose – I have never cooked chicken feet like this and they look delicious in your picture. I must try this out soon! 😀

    Have a restful weekend, dear sweet rosie.

    With love and hugs,

    choesf 😀

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