Birthday Cupcake’s For My Baby’s 18th Birthday

My cute little baby grew into a naughty gorgeous 18 year-old before I knew what had happened! Myf had her birthday party on Saturday and I wanted to do some special cupcakes.

She decided she didn’t want a traditional style of birthday cake ( I was so hoping she would still want me to make her a ladybug or a ballerina, like the good-old-days  *wistful sigh*) Now she’s all grown up she decided that cupcakes were the way to go.

The cakes are all  vanilla sponge with chocolate buttercream.

The rose decorations are gorgeous wafer roses from a special friend in Singapore – I love her for sending them to me – so, so pretty 🙂

I had some chocolate transfer sheets that I used to make the chocolate shape decorations for the other cakes. I bought quite a selection of transfers in different patterns and colours from a lady in the US. The result is so spectacular, and they are very easy to use.

The cakes at the front are decorated using crumbled sugared violets and roses + candy pebbles.

 Miffy looked radiant and beautiful on her special night. It was a lovely party, something very special to remember.

I was wishing I had a cupcake stand to display them on at the party. I might invest in one if I see a decent priced version around. I have seen the stands used for wedding cupcakes and the effect is quite lovely.

Well, I hope I don’t leave it too long until I post again. I’ve got plenty of things to show and tell you when we catch-up again 😉


10 thoughts on “Birthday Cupcake’s For My Baby’s 18th Birthday

  1. Wow, your cupcakes look even more scrumptious than usual, dear sweetrosie! Happy 18th Birthday to Myf! 😀

    With love and hugs,

    choesf 😀

  2. Hey sweetie, your cupcakes look beautiful, and perfect frosting as usual 🙂 I love the chocolate shaped decorations! Glad you like the wafer roses 🙂

    Happy 18th birthday, dear Myf! *hugs*

  3. Rosie! I can’t believe the wafer roses made their way down under in one piece!! How did ovenhaven super-package it? Amazing.. And my luggage gets beaten up after a 30 min flight from KL!

  4. Hi dear happygrub 🙂 for some strange reason your comment went to the spam basket and I only just retrieved it…
    Isn’t ovenhaven the best! She packed my precious roses in tissues and then in a plastic tub thing – like you might get herbs in. There is not one broken one in the whole bunch. I cannot believe how special they look. Everyone loved how they looked on the cuppies 🙂
    Hope your’re doing well and life is good 🙂

    hello dear choesf 🙂 Thank you for your lovely words. Isn’t it bittersweet when your “babies” grow up? I was quite down for a while and very nostalgic. I hope that you’re managing to keep cool dear. With love xx

  5. Wow, not a single broken one?? I had no idea the postal services in our countries are that superb.

    Hey you’re not the only one who says I’ve been labelled as spam! What’s happening??

  6. Dear sweetrosie! 🙂

    Happy belated Birthday to your Baby!
    Seeing your beautiful cupcakes, I decided to move in with you at choesf ‘ home :))

    Love,as always,rose

  7. Hello dear Rose! it’s lovely to have you visit 🙂 Yes, that is an excellent idea- we’ll both move in with dear choesf and she can look after us 🙂 We need her lovely food and healing aura, my little cupcakes and your beautiful Romanian pork – then we’ll be set up and happy!
    Stay well dear Rose,
    with love x

  8. Whooo…hoooo, dear sweetrosie and Rose, it looks like we’ll be having a party at my place soon with Malaysian Curry Puffs, Romanian Pork and sweetrosie’s famous cupcakes….and we’ll all get fat together! 😆

    ….and everyone here is welcome, too!

    Many hugs,

    choesf 😀

  9. hey there – i have been searching the net to find out where i can buy chocolate transfer sheets in adelaide and stumbled across your blog. can you please tell me where you found yours?


  10. Hey Kristy, thanks for your visit to my poor, little neglected blog…
    I actually sourced my transfer sheets from the US ebay site. I found a lady who was willing to post to Oz and ordered a couple of dozen.
    From memory, there wasn’t really anything in Adelaide and Australian ebay was way too expensive.
    Good luck!

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