Vanilla – Mother Knows Best

Yes she does… my lovely Mum has pointed out a mistake I made in this post

In it I stated that VANILLA ESSENCE was a cheap, synthetic pretender to the real thing. It’s not. 

Vanilla essence is a dilute form of vanilla extract. It is still 100% natural vanilla and a quick read of the label will confirm this. If the product contains synthetic vanilla, that will be stated on the label. It will usually be called “vanillan”. Vanillan can be derived from the sap of certain conifers, or made in the lab from a coal derivitaive.

I hope you find THIS INFORMATION useful.

Purists will  insist on using either the whole bean, but a good quality extract or paste is an excellent substitute. General opinion seems to be that if you want to use vanilla essence instead  of the more concentrated extract; use twice as much as the recipe states.

Thank you Mum, the research was fun and it’s always great to get feedback 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vanilla – Mother Knows Best

  1. sorry I cant comment on vanilla, its a product I have never used for some years, although i do adore the flavor, when I think of vanilla however victoria sandwich cake always pops to mind or a beautiful custard

  2. I love vanilla. (Custards…yum)

    Isn’t it strange that moms ALWAYS turn out to be right? Today at the drs. a nurse told me about the same remedy my mother recommended two weeks ago.

    And I HADN’T listened or done it.

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